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Early Childhood Classes

3 and 4 year old Creative Dance
3 and 4 year old Creative Dance

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Early Childhood Dance Classes

Our Early Childhood Creative Dance and Pre-ballet program is designed to introduce young children to basic elements of ballet, dance and movement as they develop basic locomotor skills, rhythm, and coordination.  Children learn the basics of classroom behavior and manners such as learning how to take turns, following or leading, waiting patiently, working with others, and having a positive attitude.  Our students are trained in the concepts of movement sequencing, patterning, and spatial relationships which also lays a strong foundation for the later development of mathematics, reading, and other academic subjects.  Students also develop the intellectual concepts of self-awareness, creative expression, imagination, and basic health and body awareness. The skills learned in these classes will prepare our students for the more disciplined ballet, jazz and tap classes. 


Creative Dance (3 - 5 yr. olds)

Our Creative Dance class is the first level of our early childhood dance program and will introduce very young children to the basic elements of ballet, dance and movement.  Students will learn to dance both as individuals and as a member of a group as they develop rhythm, coordination, flexiblity, creativity, expression, imagination, self-awareness, and self-confidence.  Lesson plans may also incorporate the use of various props such as scarves, bean bags, rhythm instruments and more.

Students at this age typically take class one time per week.

Pre-ballet /Tap Combo (5 - 6 yrs.)

Our Pre-ballet class is the second level of our early childhood dance program.  Students in this class will continue to work on the concepts learned in Creative Movement, but with greater complexity and more emphasis on the elementary ballet steps.  Our students will also be introduced to the basic fundamentals and rhythms of Tap Dance.  Students who are seven years old at the conclusion of this course should be physically and mentally ready to begin study of the disciplined art of classical ballet.

Here’s What Our Parents Are Saying!

"Creative Dance has provided Emma with her first taste of group learning outside of the home, and she looks forward to it each and every week.  She cannot tell us enough how much she loves Ms. Barbara, the "big girls" and dancing!" J - Kim Morrow

"Ms. Barbara has a gift, and she is very organized, patient, and creative.  The children don?t seem bored at all, and they are all very happy when they are dancing with Ms. Barbara.  I would highly recommend anyone with young girls that love to dance to join here."  - Amanda Moshier


"Our daughter has had a great experience learning dance.  She truly looks forward to class every week.  Thank you for making this such a fun experience for her." Debbi Davern


"My daughter loves coming to Chesapeake Dance Center to dance.  It allows her to express herself.  It was highly recommended by a friend."  - Mallorie Joyner


"I like the classes and the teacher.  The teaching is great! We love coming here to watch Jayden dance!" ? Michael Herring


"Vittoria likes everything.  She feels like a real classical dancer!!!" Francesca Barberio               


 "The teacher is nice, and Addey has really grown as a dancer.  I enjoy the viewing area, because I am able to see her progress.  She enjoys the fun dances and the teacher."  - Andrea Osborne


"This is a great environment for children to learn how to dance.  The teacher really cares and enjoys her classes."  Kaliyma Arnold 


"Kenan looks forward to her ballet class (on Thursday.)  Every Monday, she begins asking when ballet class day is."  Jessica Thurbee



Call (757)361-9400 for more information!

4 and 5 year old Creative Dance
4 and 5 year old Creative Dance

5 to 6 year old Pre-Ballet
5 to 6 year old Pre-Ballet

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