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Lifetime Skills & Benefits

Help your child build the foundation for a successful future
through DANCE education.

By participating in one or more of our dance classes, your child can acquire
lifetime skills and benefits that can be applied to all aspects of life including
personal relationships and the academic, athletic, and workplace environments.

Did You Know?

  • Dancers learn to appreciate, accept & take care of their bodies, & are less likely to participate in destructive activities.
  • Through dance, we can express ideas, emotions, & even tell a story.  Dancers learn to understand the nonverbal communication of body language more easily, which will help them to develop better personal relationships.
  • As dancers creativity develops, so do their problem solving skills.  Experienced dancers are able to think quickly on their feet and adapt more readily to changing situations. 
  • Studies have shown that students with a minimum of four years of arts education
     typically have higher grade averages and score significantly higher on college SAT tests.
  • Students who are involved in performances have a tendency to be more motivated and hardworking.  Through the repetitive and progressive nature of dance, students develop endurance and can handle delayed gratification and long term goals and projects. 

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Our dance studio proudly serves Chesapeake, Virginia Beach and
surrounding cities. 

Chesapeake Dance Center is located in Greenbrier Shoppes at:

517 D Kempsville Rd.
Chesapeake, VA 23320